Monday, 21 November 2011

4 X 4 Scania

This is my first model of a truck, I looked around on Brickshelf for sometime trying to find a good example of a Scania cab before coming across Sariel's racing truck, the scale was very good and with his detailed pictures it was easy to reproduce. For my model I reduced the size of the cab and changed the roof this was more in keeping with the tech drawings I had of a 4x4 Scania.  

The battery box, receiver and medium motor are hidden under the tar poling on the loading bed.

Working front lights.

The chassis is a 4x4 configuration with no center diff. the original truck uses leaf springs but Lego don't make a leaf spring so I opted for the yellow stiffer coil spring. Drive comes from 1 XL motor and steering is rack and pinon which is driven via a medium sized motor.

Please click on the images to enlarge.
Here is a link to Sariels racing truck:


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