Sunday, 16 June 2013

Hobby Tractor

A made up model based on the early style of tractor.

Along with moving house and being stuck trying to finish two larger builds, I've been struggling to be creative with my Lego building. I finally got round to unpacking some of my Lego boxes last week which inevitably lead to me building something!
The model is mostly studless and was made using a very small amount of parts. - Basically what I could find in the two boxes id opened.
The steering can either be controlled by running after the model and tweaking the steering wheel or by reducing/increasing the speed of one the XL motors that power the rear wheels. In both cases the steering isn't great, but it kinda works.

The trailer is really simple, made with a studless chassis and a studded top. The axle has a torsion bar set up which is similar to the type you would get in the rear of a small french hatchback.

Link to video: Hobby Tractor Video

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