Saturday, 17 March 2012

RC Lego Technic Unimog U400 8110

This is my attempt at an RC version of the famous Lego Merc Unimog
Drive comes from two XL motors which transfer power via a new style centre diff, this in turn drives two strengthened diffs on each axle. A final amount of gear reduction is achieved inside the step down hubs.   
The chassis has been shortened by two studs, this improves the look and helps the centre ground clearance.  
The battery pack is located inside the cab replacing the 4 cylinder engine.
All auxiliary motors and the RC receivers are located in the rear loading bay. A tractor style trailer hitch that can be adjusted in height remotely by a medium motor is located at the rear.  
The front mounted winch is no different to the one found on the original but now has a dedicated medium motor that's also powered remotely  
The compressor is also powered remotely. 

Steering comes from a medium motor. The turning circle has been improved slightly by shortening the chassis and by removing the small dark grey pins and replacing them with light grey ones instead.

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