Friday, 17 January 2014

Improvements for the Lego mk2 crane 42009

Faster outrigger stabilizers: 
The outrigger stabilizers on the Lego technic 42009 MK2 crane are very slow. This can be improved upon by replacing the two gears on each outrigger as per the photos below.

Faster winch speed:  
As with the outriggers the winch speed is quite slow. To increase the speed you first need to remove the two gears circled below.
Fit the spare red gear that you should have left over from the build in the position shown below. Making this change will reduce the amount of torque the winch outputs, this in turn will slightly reduce the winches lifting capacity but it will improve its speed.

Better cable tension: 
The easiest way of improving the cable tension is to increase the hooks weight. This can be done by using the hook lift from the Lego technic 8421 crane
 Incorporate the metal hook as per the image below.
This improvement coupled with the shorter winch gear ratio will help the hook move up and down more efficiently.

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